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Sep 17, 2019

MSBTE Summer Winter Exam Results Declare Date 2019

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Is this your first time of writing the Summer exams organised by Maharashtra State Board Of Technical Education MSBTE? Or are you an old student? Like every other student of this prestigious citadel of learning, you must be nervous about your results. You will be anxious to see what the outcome of your hard work in preparing for the exams are. Are you eagerly waiting for your Summer results for the 2019 academic year? Relax and continue reading to learn how to check and obtain your result for the 2019 academic academic calendar.

MSBTE Exams:  Summer and Winter 2019-2020

MSBTE organises two examinations for students during an academic year. Summer examination which holds in the month of April/May and Winter examination which holds in the months November/December.

About MSBTE University & Functionality 

MSBTE is one of the leading indigenous citadel of higher learning in the state, that have created a track record in getting students acquainted with the best career opportunities.

MSBTE is an autonomous board of education in the state of Maharashtra, India. It designs and implements diploma, post diploma and advanced diploma programs to affiliated institutions. 

The board was established in 1963 to cater the increasing needs of affiliated institutions and their students. MSBTE conducts two examinations during the year. 

The students are offered over 150 courses, AICTE approved. Also independent vocational courses are offered to students too. 

MSBTE offers scholarships to worthy students and gives credit to all the rank holding students of the college. 

The college publishes a newsletter for detailed information on all the ongoing activities in the institution. 

Also the official website and an app on Google Play Store are also available to facilitates the learning process of students, by making all important information the need to know such as exam dates, result date, results hall mark notice and admission dates to be handy.

To get more information on MSBTE, to learn about a particular subject matter, you can check our other articles as we have you covered on any topic relating to MSBTE. 

We provides students with all the latest information and data for their convenience.

MSBTE Exam Summer/Winter 2019 Results Dates

For students who are anxious, curious and in anticipation for their results, there is no need to worry. For you are in the right place. The results for your summer exams are expected to be released in the months of July/August. 

The results will be first released online on the official website of the college. and then other corresponding online sites will now have access to the result. To get your exact correct result, we recommend that you check your result in the official website. The results will first be released on the official website, and then on their different sites and lastly on the college notice boards. 

How To Check MSBTE Summer Winter Exam Results 2019

To get your exact correct results, follow this simple steps listed below;

1.Open your web browser.

2.Go to https;// This is the link to the official website of MSBTE where you can obtain your results.

3.In the page that opens, you will see a box requiring your details.

4.Fill in your details.

5.The last step is to click on search and you will see your results on the website.

6.Further on you can print them for your convenience.

Tips For Next MSBTE Summer Winter Examination

For the preparation of winter exam 2020, you can refer to the previous year's question papers and question generated by the faculty of the college from the council's question bank. And for the hall ticket, and exam dates you can refer to our other articles. We wish you luck on your results!

MSBTE Winter Exam TimeTable W2019 Download Hall Tickets

Check MSBTE Time Table 2019, MSBTE Summer Exam Hall Tickets, MSBTE Exam Time Table, MSBTE Question Papers, MSBTE Winter 2019 Application Forms and download your exam halltickets of Summer examination.  Along with time table, MSBTE website have all the necessary information about admission process for next semester, new admission, exam forms, syllabus, holidays, courses.

MSBTE Time Table 2019 Paper Code Wise

Dear Students, your MSBTE Summer Examination is held in April/May month and practical examinations are also held during April 2019 month so all you are looking for MSBTE Hall tickets along with MSBTE Time Table for Summer Exam 2019.

The importance of Hall Ticket is also higher than your exam time table as with out hall tickets you can not enter the examination halls of written test as well as practicals external exams as on the MSBTE hall tickets, if you are newly enrolled that is first semester students then you should know the enrollment number printed on the hall tickets along with your seat number, subject codes, short code of your exams with number of paper code which is more important as like you are looking for MSBTE Time time.   MSBTE time table is available on official website and you can know the time table of your subjects by various ways which is in four ways including Institute Code wise time table, paper code wise time table, day wise time table, course code wise time table.

You can read our another article which provides step by step information of how to check MSBTE time table on the MSBTE official website.

MSBTE Examinations 2019 Summer and Winter 2019 Updates

If you are first year student and first semester is your then you should know that MSBTE conducts Summer and Winter exams.

The examinations are divided into two halves here in MSBTE; summer and winter examinations. The summer examinations proceed until August, from where the winter semester begins.

The examinations by MSBTE are well organized and give the students a sense of wisdom and real knowledge, rather than rote learning.

Theoretical as well as practical exams are held, so that the students would not only get the upper view of the information but also get to know its application.

The exams are evenly spread over the three years course and period, which is flexible and allows the students to prepare better and prosper in the future.

But first, one must have the admit card/ hall ticket to be able to present himself in the examination hall.

The time table of both Summer and Winter examinations are scheduled by MSBTE on tentative and final basis. Students of MSBTE university should check the authenticate information to finalized the exam time table such as college notice board, official university website of MSBTE etc.

How to Get MSBTE Summer/Winter Exam Hall Ticket?

As soon as your examinations are scheduled by the university, the MSBTE board can also arrange the hall tickets download from the official website   Hall Tickets are most important to appear your examinations even if you are prepared the exam, but if you fail to present hall tickets in any reason, you may disallow the exam and may need the permission of head of the department or principal. So to avoid all such harassment, it is easy to collect hall tickets and keep it in safe side. 

As early said, you would and could not be eligible to sit in the examinations without an admit card or hall ticket in your hold. You could be a student of Maharashtra State Board of Education yet not be allowed to give the exams. 

How appalling would that just be! So, to get your hall ticket, the MSBTE website has arranged an online application for the students. 

Click on the link given below-

However, it is, as of now, only available for the summer examinations of 2019.
·         When you’ll open the link, there will be two boxes to fill details in; and they are for the enrollment number and the seat number. 

·         As highlighted in red, enter a 8 or 10 digit enrollment number and a 6 digit seat number in the latter.
·         When you have filled in the details that are accurate, click on search and download your admit card online.

MSBTE Winter Results 2019-2020 Semesters Examination

Are you looking for previous year MSBTE exam Winter 2018-2019 Results?  Do you want to check your previous exams scores and want to download marksheets for further process of examination forms for next semester, then you should know how to get MSBTE Winter exams 2019-2020 academic year results print the mark sheets.

The check for results of MSBTE Summer 2016 are now outdated from the official website and the winter results have been declared. The enrolment number and seat number are still essential as you can search online for the results by the same. 

Click on the link below now to check the results of winter examinations 2019.

Fill in the details and click on the search button to get the results of the examinations.
How easy. Isn’t it?

How To Check Syllabus/Curricular of Winter 2019 MSBTE?

The new syllabus is revised by MSBTE university time to time and all the updates regarding new Syllabus and related circulars can be available on the official portal of MSBTE university.   All such informations are very important if you are a fresh as well as regular student of the MSBTE.  The institutes/colleges should also provide such circulars info on their notice board so that students can note down the necessary details about the courses, branches.

The official site has listed and uploaded down the curriculum for the year. Click on the link given below to download the syllabus for the academic year 2019.

You will get the following documents there and click/download the desired one as per your need.

Sr. No.
Document Name

All Conventional Courses Curriculum
Curriculum of New Short Term Semester Pattern
Implant Training
Vocational Courses
First Semester All Branches
GPDL Scheme
MHSSP Only Scheme

So dear students of MSBTE we wish you all the best for the course you are doing at MSBTE and if you want to join MSBTE university for any course then know the MSBTE admission process for 2019-2020 year.

We hope that you found this helpful as the MSBTE has made it quite simple to navigate and get the useful information online, without a whit of hassle.

Paper Code Wise MSBTE Winter W2019 Time Table Available

MSBTE Winter W2019 Exams are now near and growing nearer. You need to find the MSBTE 2019 winter exam timetable so that you are ready for those exams by making your own study plan and committing to it. But to do so you need to know when are your examinations. We would like to help you find the timetable you need so that you can slay those dragons. Here is an article to help you find the timetable of MSBTE Winter Exam Time Table paper-code wise

If you want to search for the timetable using other means, you can refer to our other articles where we explain in-depth and take you in a step by step approach on how to search for the MSBTE 2019 winter exam timetable by searching by the date of exam, course code, or even by your institution’s name. 

MSBTE Winter W2019 Time Table Paper Code Wise
Students of MSBTE will sit for their winter exam W2019 in November and December this year. They should download the timetable for these exams so that they can formulate a cohesive plan to get the best grades they can. The timetable is available for download on the official MSBTE website in September and October (i.e. you have one or two months to plan for the winter exams).

Important points for MSBTE students to remember:
  1. Check your MSBTE winter exam timetable.
  2. Confirm and have your hall-tickets available with you.
  3. Prepare for your exam properly by studying hard and using sample questions and previous years' questions.
  4. Keep checking the MSBTE winter exam timetable for new updates such as postponed papers or to make sure you got the exact time of the exam correct. You don't want to be late for an exam, do you?

How To Search MSBTE Time Table Paper Code For Wise Winter W2019

In this article, we will guide you on the way to find your timetable for the winter exam 2019 by using your paper-code as a search method. 

  1. Visit the official MSBTE university website (
  2. In the blue tab, you can find the option "Examination", under which is a sub-menu with "Winter-2019 Exam Time Table" link.
  3. Clicking on the "Winter-2019 Exam Time Table" link will redirect you to a new page. This page includes four options that you can find your timetable with.
  4. This article will help you with the paper-code wise timetable. if you need help with other options, you can refer to our other articles written especially for you on this matter.
  5. Under the paper-code option, there is a drop-down menu where you can find all the paper codes sitting for the MSBTE winter exam 2019.
  6. If you don't know your paper-code, you can easily find it on your syllabus and guide books. Asking your Head of Department Staff (HOD), teachers, and lectures about your paper-code is also another option.
  7. Once you have chosen your paper-code, you will be taken to a page that will show you your timetable in detail. Write down those details in a place where you can later find them easily. You can also print them if you want to stay on the safe side.
  8. If you are sitting for another paper, there is a button named "Click here to go back" which will return you to the previous page and you can select the other paper you are sitting for.
  9. Please make sure to frequently check the official website as they can postpone many exams due to a plethora of reasons. It's always better to be safe rather than sorry.

If you want to find your timetable by using the other options, you can refer to our other articles on this matter.

Any inquiries you have regarding the timetable or exam results, please do post them in the forum.

MSBTE Winter 2019 Examination

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