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Sep 16, 2019

Time Table of MSBTE Diploma Winter Exam 2019 Available?

The Winter 2019 Exams of MSBTE Diploma course are held during November/December month.  Get the latest updates on MSBTE Time Table Winter 2019 Examination for Diploma courses from official website.


The MSBTE board has released the university winter Examination Time Table for the 2019 academic year. Students are hereby advised to visit the MSBTE university official website to check for the updated MSBTE University Time Table. To confidently sit for the Exams, students are advised to know the Exam days and the day they will sit for each subject. Students are also encouraged to get the previous year’s winter Examination question papers so as to aid in their preparation for the exams.

All students of MSBTE University from fresher to final year, this article is for you. Read this article and learn the different methods of checking your Exam Time Table, downloading the Time Table, printing the hard copy of the Time Table and saving the Time Table to a pen drive or hard disk. You also will learn how to get the winter Exams previous year question paper.

There are different methods on how to check the winter Examination Time Table, they are;


Institute wise Time Table will let you know your exams time table by institute name or code. And you can easily download it from the official link.

The MSBTE university board releases the Time Table for the winter Exams that will hold in the months of Novembers, December in the month of September or October. The reason behind this early release of the Diploma Exam time table is to help you prepare adequately for the exams. “Success is preparation meeting opportunity.” In this article, we will explain how to check and download the MSBTE University exam time table using the institute wise method. Because all this method has the same steps, we will only explain what the other available methods are.

To download the MSBTE university exam Time Table, using the institute wise method, download in PDF format, save to pen drive or hard disk, take a screen shot and print a hard copy time table. Follow this simple steps;

1) Visit the official website of MSBTE University

2) Click on the examination, in the drop down options click on winter 2019 Examination time table.

3) Various options on the various methods to download MSBTE University time table will be displayed, locate the institute wise time table and click on it.

4) In a drop down menu showing a long list of all affiliated colleges and institution of MSBTE University, select your institute name or code as given in in the drop down menu.

5) Find your institute, and click on the institute wise time table to get the time table.

6) Check the newly opened page which will show your college/institute wise time table for winter examination in the 2019 academic year.

7) If you could not find or download the exam time table, then simply go back and find your institute name to download your college time table.

8) If you need a hard copy of the time table, you should print one by giving the control + p command on your computer. You can also get a PDF format and download it to your pen drive, hard disk drive, or save to your document.

The other methods of getting the MSBTE university winter exams for the 2019 academic year are;

· Course wise method: - Here you will select the course code, year/ semester, or the master code in other to get the time table.

· Day wise method: - Here, you get the exam that will hold on the particular day that you have selected for the search.

· Paper code wise method: - Here you select a particular paper code in other to know on which day it will be written.

NOTE* You can also download the MSBTE University Diploma exam time table in any of this methods listed here following the same steps as described in the institute wise method. All you have to do is click on the method you want to use in step 3.

MSBTE winter examination time table for the 2019 academic year is available @MSBTE.COM

Are you a student of MSBTE University, looking for the winter 2019 examination time table? Then this article is for you. In this article, we have provided all the necessary information on how to download the MSBTE University winter exam time table for the 2019 academic year. We have also given you all the methods to check and download the exam time table.

If you are faced with any challenge or difficulties downloading your exam time table, then refer back to our website and read the step by step procedure on how to download the winter MSBTE winter exam time table for the 2019 academic year.

If you are appearing for MSBTE University winter examination for the first time in this 2019 academic year, then you can download the previous year question paper to help you prepare for this year examination. The MSBTE official website has the previous year question papers for every subject. Students can download this sample model question papers of previous year summer exam and winter exam to aid in their study for the 2019 winter exam.

Don’t hesitate to inform us if you are face with any issue. Our website will always assist you to get MSBTE time table information quickly from the official source

MSBTE Previous Year Question Papers Winter W2018 Download

MSBTE Winter 2019 Examination is held in November/December month.  You can check our live updates on MSBTE Time Table website for upcoming MSBTE exams time table, hall tickets, winter exam question papers, summer examination time table and updates.

Check MSBTE Winter 2019 Time Table

Are you preparing for MSBTE University upcoming Summer Winter Examinations?   Want to know when is your exam held and about how you can get previous year or sample question papers of your MSBTE Board, then refer this article which is about how to find the last year qps of Diploma, polytechnic, pharmacy and engineering courses.   

You can also find our previous articles of MSBTE, we've already stats regarding MSBTE Time Table and all about MSBTE university.    For upcoming exams, students always look for previous year question papers and why they should Not?  The students must prepare old msbte question papers for either Summer or Winter examinations.    

Students can refer the official website for all kinds of official updates from University of MSBTE.    If you are new to MSBTE university or want to know about MSBTE Admission Process for 2019-2020 year, then you can also visit the official website.  All the students are requested to follow the steps so that they can find question papers, solved question papers, model question papers of their Diploma courses, Polytechnic, Pharmacy courses question papers.

For details of MSBTE Time Table 2017 Examination of Summer or Winter you can also refer the given links of official website and can download the exam latest updated time tabel.

For Winter examinations, students can get previous year question papers to study and for Summer examination, also find previous winter or summer exam qps.

For details of MSBTE Hall Tickets, you can visit the administrative office of the institute or also check online on

All the details are available course wise, institute wise, paper code wise, day wise as well as semester pattern examination MSBTE board can arrange your board written exams and external oral exams.

In this post, you can find details of - 

#2 How to get the previous year question papers of MSBTE Online
#3 How to Get MSBTE QPS Offline

#1 MSBTE Previous years Question Papers W2018

Unlike the education and examination system of the past generation, the meticulous preparation for one’s examination proves to be quite fruitful. Rather than working ‘hard’, it is now the time when one must work ‘smart’, in order to excel in the race of the completion; covering more in less time. The same is with Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education. 

The official website has in it the collection of previous year question papers asked by MSBTE and their respective institutes. The perks of it are that the students, especially the ones in the first semester, have less burden and more idea about the pattern and the difficulty level of the question papers. 

These papers can be used as a mock or model test paper and will boost the confidence of the student appearing for the exams. Not to mention, also improving their scores and grades. 

And so here we have listed for you the steps for your convenience.

#2 How to get the previous year question papers of MSBTE?

If you want to download previous year question papers online, then here we've given short details on how to get the previous year question papers of MSBTE from official website link.    

MSBTE provides useful details for Summer Winter exams time to time plus all previous year of 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015,2014 qps of Summer/Winter exams is also available on the website.    W2018 question papers must be follow for S2017 examination.

Step 1: Go to link that is given to you above. It is the official site of MSBTE from where you can search for the desired question paper, to your own accord.

Step 2: Now decide how or by which means you have to search. Either you can search directly by paper code wise, or scheme wise. 

Let us scour out the difference for you – 

Paper code wise

· You can use this method if you have the distinct details of the question paper you wish to seek.

· It is very accurate

· It will take less time to find the desired question paper.

· However, a minor change in the code will result in the paper not being found.

· You will get less options to choose from once searched.
Scheme wise

· You will get more options to choose from

· Useful if you do not have the specific code for the question paper.

· The choice is very flexible and you will get more results.

· However it may take more time in discerning the desired question paper

· It is easy and more user-friendly.

Step 3: If you opt for the paper code wise method, then jot down the paper code and select the exam. You will get the accurate result, if the details written are accurate.

Step 4: If you opt for the scheme wise method,
  • Select the Examination
  • Select the course 
  • Select the Year or Semester of which the question paper is
  • Select the scheme.

Step 5: Click on the button ‘Search’.

We hope you found this information helpful. The MSBTE website has made it easier for students to get the previous year question papers in a much organized and structural way, in order to save time, and score marks.

On the official website of MSBTE you can also get more details of MSBTE Courses, Admission process and eligibility of the course.

#3 How to Get MSBTE QPS Offline

Do you know how to collect previous year or model qps of MSBTE university board exams offline?   If yes then good! - If no, then read the following steps to know how you can purchase or get free copy of previous year question papers of diploma exams.

Other than this online method, students can also collect previous year qps offline from the following methods.

1] From Seniors - If you can contact your seniors who have given previous exam of same semester with same pattern, then you can collect the previous year question papers.

2] Visit the Book Shop - Visit your central book shop where latest publication in which you can find solved qps with upcoming exam's model qps also!!

MSBTE Time Table Winter W2019 Examination Updates

For details of MSBTE Winter Exam held in November 2019 all the latest updates can be available on official website with new year admission process.   Students can get admission process details of MSBTE university for new academic year.

MSBTE Winter 2019 Examination

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