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Sep 20, 2019

The MSBTE Winter W2019 Examination for 1st, 3rd and 5the Semester.

The Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai (MSBTE). University winter examination is schedule to hold in the months of November and December 2019. It is the duty of the MSBTE university board to ensure that this exam is a success, so the MSBTE university board provides the students every material they need for the exams like the hall ticket/ admit card and the examination time table. The also give students access to the previous year question paper.
Check you Diploma course, Pharmacy course, polytechnic courses exam time table for the winter W2019 on the MSBTE website. The winter exams which is written in the months of November/ December time table has be announced in the early month of September this year.
Winter exams are held for the first third and fifth semester, spill over and carry over courses are so considered.
Each year, MSBTE University organizes two examination for their Polytechnic courses, Diploma and Pharmacy and all the various courses which the offer through their affiliated institution. This exams are held in the summer and winter periods respectively. The summer exams are held in the months of July/ August, while the winter exams are held in the months of November/ December.
Winter 2019 exams will hold for the 1st 3rd and the 5th semesters. Students who failed their previous semester subjects, referred to as backlogs students, are also allowed to rewrite those subjects in the winter W2019 exams. Even if a student failed their summer exams, they can rewrite it during the winter exam. The winter exams is the perfect opportunity for students to clear all their backlog courses.
The Allow to keep Term (ATKT) Rule: - This is a standard rule in the MSBTE, which allows students to continue with their current semester exams, even if they have failed some subjects in the previous academic year exams. This rule helps students to continue with the exams in the current academic year thereby saving them extra year.
The MSBTE University board announces the time table for the winter exams that is scheduled to hold in the months of November/ December in the early month of September every year. Students are advised to check the MSBTE University official website for the winter W2019 Examination Time Table Tentative Dates 2019.
Tentative date are the dates the exams are scheduled to hold, however, adjustment can still be made to this date. If there is a reason to make any adjustment to this date, then MSBTE University board will make an announcement for the rescheduling of the particular subject, or the postponement of the exam dates. This information are also available on the MSBTE official website, so students are encouraged to always check the official website for updates.
MSBTE Winter 2019 Examination Time Table Tentative Dates Available?
if you are curious about the MSBTE University tentative dates of this year winter examination time table, you want to know if the time table is available, how to access and download it. Then you should visit the MSBTE official website to check and confirm the actual dates. Winter 2019 exams dates announcement are available on the MSBTE University official website scrolling bar or you can check Examination menu on the sub menu of winter 2019 Time Table.
How to Download Winter Examination Time Table of the MSBTE for the 2019 Academic Year.
 The MSBTE Time Table for the summer and the winter examinations is declared by the university in advance, the examination time table is declared one to two months in advance, this is to enable students to get themselves acquainted with the courses and also help them to start preparing for the exams earlier. Students should go to the MSBTE official website to check the time table for the summer and winter exams. In the official website, go to the examination menu from the displayed options. Select either summer or winter exams. There are 4 – 5 methods of checking and downloading the exam time table,
We have given step by step procedure of checking and downloading the exam time table, using either the institute wise method, paper code wise method, course code wise method, day wise method of checking and downloading the exam time table, in our other articles. You should check these articles to learn more on checking and downloading the winter exam time table.
The MSBTE Institute Wise Winter Exam Time Table 2019
Using this method, institutions of the MSBTE as well as students can check and download the exam time table sorted according to their institutions, from the official website. Check MSBTE Time Table 2019 Winter Exam – institute Wise
The MSBTE Winter Course Code Wise Winter Exam Time Table 2019
Using this method, students and institutions can download the exam time table by courses, time table are sorted in order of course codes.
To know how you can download the Exam time table for the MSBTE W2019 winter exams from the official website, by using this method. Check our article on that.
The MSBTE Winter Paper Code Wise Exam Time Table 2019  
The paper code wise time table is an exam time table, which is sorted according to the paper code. 
The MSBTE Winter Day Wise Exam Time Table 2019
This is an arrangement of the exam time table in daily paper order. In this method, days in which each paper will be written is shown on the time table. This helps the institution to properly arrange the time table.
The MSBTE Winter Center Wise Exam Time Table 2019
The MSBTE center wise exam time table gives students information on the centers where each subject will be conducted. This will enable such centers to prepare adequately, and arrange those centers properly.
All students of the MSBTE are advised to check the MSBTE official website to know about winter exam tentative dates, postponements on the exam dates and all the relevant information they need to know about the exam. Knowing this information will help them to be adequately ready for the exams.
The MSBTE Winter Examination Preparation Hall Ticket and Previous Year Exam Question
The hall ticket is the most important tool that the student need for this exams, as it is the tool that distinguishes the eligibility of the students. All the students’ data are on the hall ticket/ admit card, so without the hall ticket students are not allowed to enter the examination hall. Check how to get the hall ticket in our other article.
The previous year question paper makes students study smarter as research has shown that 20% to 30% of the exam questions are drafted from the previous year exam question paper. You can also check our other article on how to access and download the previous year exam question paper.
We have given you information on the exam time table, for the 2019 winter examination, we have also pointed at the hall ticket and the previous year exam question paper. You should also know how to prepare for the exams.
The winter examination is held in the month of held in the month of December, for the 1st 2nd, and 3rd semester. Students that have an outstanding courses are also allowed to rewrite those courses. All students are advised to know their examination date and centers before the exam day. They are also advised to come early for the exams.
Points to Note
1)      Check you course syllabus and know the subjects that are arranged for this winter semester examination, especially those that are writing the MSBTE winter examination for the first time (fresher).
2)       Check syllabus, previous year question paper, and study hard.
3)      Check your MSBTE winter examination time table on a regular basis, as the University may postponed the exam date or time.
4)      Collect you hall ticket from the administrative body of the University.
5)      MSBTE arranges the Exam time table in shift, you should check your exam shift.
6)      Start preparing now, do not wait for the last minute before you start your preparation.
7)      You should have confidence when coming for any exams that is why you should study harder than before now.
8)      Download the previous year question paper from the official website, model question paper are also available for the winter 2019 exams.
9)      Do not eat heavy food, so as to avoid any health complications.
10)   Do not depend on the ATKT, rather, thrive to clear your courses on one sitting.
The MSBTE W2019 Winter Exam Results Declaration
The MSBTE winter examination results will be declared in the month of January 2020. Each year, the MSBTE declares the tentative dates for the declaration of the winter examination results, students should check the MSBTE results online. When the time comes, we will update our website with the winter examination result declaration, so always visit our website for your accurate information on the MSBTE.
Remember, everyday counts. So always do something that will push you closer to success. We pray that you clear all your courses in first sitting.
 Wishing you the best


Sep 18, 2019

MSBTE 1st 3rd 5th Semester Winter Hall Tickets Time Table 2019

MSBTE Exam Time Table for Winter 2019 posted on website of the university.  Check MSBTE University Winter 2019 1st, 3rd, 5th Semester Exam Tentative Dates, Postponed Exam Dates, Rescheduled Exam Dates.  MSBTE Winter 2019 exam is held during November/December months and here you can find information about MSBTE University Winter 2019 Exam Institute Wise Time Table download which is one of the method to download time table from official website.

How to Download MSBTE Winter Exam 2019 Timetable (Institute Wise) 

Institute wise time table available on university website.  Semester pattern exam Winter 2019 is held for 1st, 3rd, 5th semester as well as for repeaters.  Tentative dates and actual dates may be different or may be postponed due to certain reasons.  You should always check  updated time table

MSBTE Institute Wise 2019 Winter Exam [Updated] Time Table

MSBTE University would like to announce that winter exam timetable for the academic year 2019 will be available during September and October. Exams will be held during November and December 2019. MSBTE students can check the official website for an updated timetable. Exams can be searched for within the timetable by course code, paper code or day of the exam.

You can download your own institute exams’ timetable by going to the official MSBTE University website and following the next steps. You can download the timetable in PDF format or screenshot it to have an image format of it.

1. Visit MSBTE University’s official website.

2. Click on "Examination” in the tab and then click on “Winter-2019 Exam Time Table” link.

3. This will take you to a page where you can search for the timetable by several means. You can search for it by institute’s name, course code, paper code, or day of the exam.

4. In the “Institute-wise” timetable option, you have to select your institute’s name or code from a drop-down menu which contains a long list of all affiliated colleges and institutions of MSBTE university.

5. Find your institute and click on the button "Institute-Wise Time Table" to get your timetable.

6. You’ll be directed to a page that will show you your college/institute’s timetable for winter 2019 examinations.

7. If you do not find your exam timetable, simply go back and find your institute’s name to download your college timetable.

8. You can use the print command (Control + P) on your keyboard to print your timetable or save it in a PDF format on your pen-drive or hard disk.

There are other ways to find MSBTE University winter 2019 Timetable.

Along with timetable, students of MSBTE must aware that hall tickets are very important to appear the Winter 2019 examination.  You should either collect the MSBTE Winter 2019 examination hall tickets from administration official of your institute or may download from the official portal of MSBTE.

Download Hall-tickets For 1st, 3rd, 5th Semester Winter 2019 Exam MSBTE Board

Likewise time table, results, syllabus, question papers students may download hall tickets for the exam of Winter 2019 held during this November/December from official website.  More information can be available on official website @  Note that, you must have hall tickets while appearing exam.  Examiner will not allow you to seat in exam hall if you do not have hall tickets as well as college identity card.

MSBTE students can also get the previous year question papers of your subject on the official portal.  Students may download sample or model question papers or previous summer/winter examination question papers from the official website.

How To Get MSBTE University Winter 2019 Exam Question Papers

First, Third, Fifth - 1st, 3rd, 5th Semester pattern exam Winter 2019 model question papers can be download from official website.  You can also check previous year question papers and prepare your exams.

If this is your first time sitting for the MSBTE Winter 2019 Examinations, you can download a sample of question papers that are helpful for studying. MSBTE University's official website has previous years’ question papers for every subject. Students can easily find and download those sample questions together with their model answers, and also previous year’s summer exam.

If you encounter any problem please do let us know. can always help you to get MSBTE time table information quickly from the official website sources.

Winter W2019 Time Table MSBTE University Check Your Exam Dates

MSBTE University Winter Examination W2019 scheduled in November and December Month this year. The Time Table of this exam is arranged by the university MSBTE - Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education - Mumbai.  Check your Diploma course, Pharmacy course, polytechnic courses exam time table for Winter W2019 on website.  The official website announces the Winter 2019 Time Table earlier in September month this year.   Winter exams are held for 1st, 3rd, 5th semester as well as repeaters.

MSBTE Winter W2019 Time Table Dates Announcement

Likewise, each year MSBTE held two main exams for polytechnic courses - Diploma, Pharmacy and all the various courses which are scheduled by the university through number of affiliated colleges.  Winter 2019 examination is held for the semester 1st, 3rd, 5th as well as for backlogs i.e. students who have failed in subjects can reappear in Winter 2019.  If a student who have failed in Summer examination, then (S)He can reappear the winter examination for the that all failure subjects.   The First, Third, Fifth semester examination can be known as Winter semester exam, but at the same time students can clear all backlogs failures subjects along with.

ATKT - Allow To Keep Term, a rule that allows students to keep continue their semester even if they have failed in subjects at up-to number of subjects failed in last academic year or semester.   This will surely save students Year and they allow to reappear to the examination.

MSBTE Winter W2019 Exam is scheduled in November and December month.  The university announces time table during September month every year for Winter Examination for that year and hence students can check official website for Winter 2019 Exam Time Table Tentative Dates 2019.

Tentative dates means, those are scheduled dates for the exams but however, in case there is any need to make changes in dates due to certain reasons, then MSBTE University make announcement of either reschedules of exam of particular subject, date or postponed exams dates.  The same information can be available on official website.

MSBTE Winter 2019 Time Table Tentative Dates Available?

If you ask your friends whether MSBTE Winter Examination 2019 dates are available or not then you should always check and confirm the actual dates on official website only.  Winter 2019 Exam dates announcement can be available on the university's website scrolling bar or you can check Examination menu for the sub menu of "Winter 2019 Time Table".

How To Download Winter Examination of MSBTE 2019 Time Table

MSBTE Time Table for Summer as well as Winter examination declare by the university in advance before the examination which can be so advance before a month.  Students can find Summer and Winter exam time table at official website.  There is menu "Examination" where you can jump to summer or winter exam time table for W2019.   There are 4-5 methods by which you can download Winter Examination Time Table.

You can refer our previous articles in which we have given step by step information on 4-5 methods of MSBTE Winter Exams including day wise time table, paper code wise time table, course wise time table, institute wise time table, exam center wise time table.

MSBTE Winter Institute Wise Time Table 2019
By this method students as well as Institutes can find time table sorted by Institutes.
Check MSBTE Time Table 2019 Winter Exam - Institute Wise.

Course Wise 2019 Winter Examination Time Table
With this method students as well as institutes can download exam time table by Course Wise.
Know how you can download MSBTE W2019 Time Table for Winter Exams by Course Wise.

Paper Code Wise Time Table Winter 2019 Exam
Paper Code wise time table can be a list of time table which are sorted by Paper Codes.

MSBTE Winter Exam Day Wise Time Table 2019
Day Wise time table of MSBTE winter exam can show all the date, day wise time table, on which date, day exams are held and it will help to institute to arrange the exams properly.

Exam Center Wise Time Table Winter W2019
Exam center wise time table can give time table that are to be scheduled at exam centers and which will be easy to exam centers to arrange exams properly.

It is timely advise to all MSBTE students that they should check official website of MSBTE for postponed exam dates, tentative dates and any other information regarding exams before going to the exams and start your preparation for winter exams.

MSBTE Winter 2019 Preparation, Hall Tickets, Previous Year Question Papers

Dear Students, as we have given information about Winter 2019 Time Table in this article, how you can check Winter 2019 time table which is held in November, December month.  Now you should also know that how you should prepare your winter exam.

Know How To Prepare Your MSBTE Semester 1st, 3rd, 5th Examinations

Winter Examination is held for 1st, 3rd, 5th Semester patterns as well as repeaters also appear for backlogs papers to clear their previous semester in winter.  Students of every semester should know their exam dates properly so that they will appear to exam center on time.

Points To Remember For Winter W2019 Examination
1] Check your Course Syllabus and know which subject exam is arranged this winter semester exam, especially those who are appearing for 1st semester who are freshers to MSBTE university.
2] Check your syllabus, previous year question papers, and study well.
3] Check your MSBTE Winter 2019 exam time table time to time as university may change or postponed the exam dates, time.  Also collect your Hall ticket from administration office
4] MSBTE arrange the exams in shifts so students should check the shifting time for their exams.
5] Start your exam preparation and do not wait for last date to study overnight.
6] Appear exam with confidence but for that you need to study well so do not waste your time.
7] Download previous year question papers from official website, model question papers also available for Winter 2019 examination.
8] Do not eat too heavily so you will not have any health issues during exams.
9] Do not depends on ATKT or you will think like that you will reappear the exam Summer, but do not take easy as its fine to clear this exam at first attempt.
10]  Hope so that you will all clear your subjects and then appear for summer examination for next semesters.

MSBTE Winter W2019 Examination 1st, 3rd, 5th Semester Results Declare Date

Now time for results!  MSBTE Winter Examination 2019 Results will be declare during January 2020 month.  Each year, MSBTE declare the tentative date for Winter 2019 Examination Results.  Students can check MSBTE Winter 2019 Examination Results online.  We'll update our website with MSBTE 2019 Winter examination results tentative date.

All The Best!

MSBTE Winter 2019 Examination

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